There are millions of restaurants, but if you have a food allergy you know eating out can be a challenge. We created this site to help you the next time you wonder, "Can I Eat There?"

You'll find links to food allergen guides for restaurants good enough to provide them and info on how to check out those that don't. Our city specific posts are decicated to those local joints we all love.

We hope this site expands your dining horizons... and keeps you healthy!


Minneapolis/St. Paul - Eating Out with a Food Allergy

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order.  If you have info on a Minneapolis restaurant please email us at


Locanda D'Amico
Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Concourse F
*Parent company D'Amico & Sons has other locations in Minnesota and Florida

Allergy Friendly

Editor's Note:  On a recent trip to North Dakota I flew through Minneapolis and was in desperate need of food.  Eating at the airport is not something that I look forward to and usually have a full stock of food in my bag.  But this was one time I didn't and my flight was delayed.  In concourse F you'll find this qauint, non-airport-like Italian restaurant.  Before sitting down I asked the hostess if they could accommodate my allergies, she went in the back and, to my utter surprise, out came the chef.  Had I magically been teleported away from the airport?  I explained my allergies - soy and shellfish - to the chef and he gave me a detailed description of what I could and could not eat (he even told me the percentage of wheat content in their noodles).  I gladly took my seat and throughly enjoyed my pasta - I could have eaten two helpings!  Thank you Laconda D'Amico, you get a golden star!  

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