There are millions of restaurants, but if you have a food allergy you know eating out can be a challenge. We created this site to help you the next time you wonder, "Can I Eat There?"

You'll find links to food allergen guides for restaurants good enough to provide them and info on how to check out those that don't. Our city specific posts are decicated to those local joints we all love.

We hope this site expands your dining horizons... and keeps you healthy!


Sandwich Chains

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Jimmy John's

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Allergy Alert: Will not provide allergen information for menu items

Editor's Note: I recently contacted Jimmy John's to request allergen information for their menu items. This is the response I got via email.

"We do not give out ingredient lists. - Jimmy Johns"

I followed up with an email saying I didn't need specific ingredient information, just information on common allergens, I got no response.

If you are looking for a sub fix, many of the other national sandwich chains do list allergen information on their web sites. See links to that information in "Sandwich Chains" list in the right rail of this blog.


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Allergy Alert: Beware of cross contamination

Article about one person's experience dining out at Subway with a food allergy...

Subway: You’ll need to be extra careful if you want to "eat fresh".
Providence Food Allergy Examiner
August 29, 2008

Restaurant profile: Made to order sandwiches with fresh bread and meats and an array of fresh toppings. Sandwiches can also be toasted.

Taste and nutrition: Pretty good considering your alternatives. The overall calorie count on many of the Subway subs are going to be a better choice than a Whopper any day. And, you have the option of getting some veggies in your sandwich too.

Allergen alert: While Subway has been very proactive in providing allergen info on their sandwiches, they failed to take into consideration cross contamination. I experienced this first hand after having a reaction after eating at a Subway restaurant. I was careful about selecting my menu items, but did not consider cross contamination. I know, what was I thinking? Oh well, hopefully you won’t make the same mistake I did.

After I had my reaction, I called and emailed Subway customer service and explained the problem. I was assured that someone would contact me back. The owner of a few Subway locations near my home called me today. We actually had a very productive conversation and she was able to give me some great info. She even agreed that the nutritional info was misleading and gave me contact info for headquarters, where she suggested I encourage Subway execs to add disclaimer info to their advertising regarding these risks.

Here are the problems we identified:

  • All the foods are in open bins and any food could potentially drop into another bin.
  • Workers wear gloves while making sandwiches, but do not change them between orders. This is probably how I got sick.
  • The knives used to slice the sandwiches are not cleaned in-between sandwiches.
  • Breads containing cheese are baked with other breads. This is not a likely contaminant, but worth a mention.

The bottom line: If you do not have severe, anaphylactic allergies, you should be ok. If you are severe (like I am), use extreme caution. If you choose to eat there regardless, here are some tips to make your visit a safe one:

  • Ask the worker behind the counter to change their gloves.
  • Ask them to refrain from cutting your sandwich.
  • Check their online nutritional info as a guideline.


The Reid Family said...

I aquired the box for the sandwich bread and it shows the only allergen is wheat. Thee bread I am referencing is the "sub" bread.

Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

I emailed Jimmy John's and was sent this in response: (note: I only asked about soy)
Thanks for eating at Jimmy John's, we love our customers! I am writing you back in response to your earlier e-mail.

You ask if our sandwiches are soy free:
French bread - It is soy free.
Wheat bread - It is not soy free.
Bacon - It is soy free.
Beef - It is not soy free.
Ham - It is soy free.
Capicola - It is soy free.
Salami - It is soy free.
Turkey - It is soy free.
Tuna - It is not soy free.
Cheese - It is soy free.
Mayo - It is not soy free.

I hope that this answer is helpful. We appreciate your business.

Jimmy John's

Jeremy said...

My favorite sub of the day is Turkey and ham which is quite nice with light mayonnaise . I am not a frequent goer there but never come across any cross contamination.

TheMr23 said...

I have an update as of today Aug 13 2010. At the following web page I posted a comment containing the current response for Gluten, Soy, Dairy and Egg.

Anna said...

Thanks so much....found a link to find out about Jimmy Johns, my son is allergic to peanuts, eggs and cinnamon. Makes eating out difficult other than our normal standby's! I appreciate this so much, very helpful when trying new places and not having to ream people at every corner:-)!