There are millions of restaurants, but if you have a food allergy you know eating out can be a challenge. We created this site to help you the next time you wonder, "Can I Eat There?"

You'll find links to food allergen guides for restaurants good enough to provide them and info on how to check out those that don't. Our city specific posts are decicated to those local joints we all love.

We hope this site expands your dining horizons... and keeps you healthy!


Sit-down Dining Chains

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order. If you have info on a Sit-down Dining Chain please email us at


Web Site

Allergy Alert: No Allergen Information Available; Call Ahead or Ask Your Server

From Applebee's Web Site (January 2008):

"Where can I get nutritional information on Applebee's items?

We provide nutritional information on all of our Weight Watchers items, including fat, fiber and calorie counts and Weight Watchers Points values. We do not provide nutritional information on other Applebee's items - with approximately 1,900 locations in the U.S. alone there are many different vendors, which makes it extremely difficult to obtain nutritional information for out items."

Author's Note: Boo! I think they can try harder than this.


California Pizza Kitchen & CPK ASAP
Web Site

Allergy Alert: Call Ahead or Ask Your Server; Ingredient Book; Soy

From CPK Web Site (January 2008):

"Who do I call with food allergy questions?

If you have certain food allergy concerns, please feel free to call our Food and Beverage Department at 310-342-5000."

Author Note: CPK restaurants have an ingredient book, ask your server to check the dish(es) you are interested in. Most CPK ASAP items contain soybean ingredients.


Cheesecake Factory
Web Site

Allergy Alert: Ask Your Server

From Cheesecake Factory Web Site (January 2008):

"Nutritional Information.
At this point, we do not provide nutritional information for our menu selections. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Everything on our menu is made in-house on a daily basis so that we can maintain the highest food quality standards."

"Special Dietary Concerns.
We will do our best to accommodate any special dietary requirements that our guests may have. When placing your order, just inform your server of your special requests."


Web Site

Allergy Alert: No Allergen Information Available

From IHOP Web Site (January 2008):

"Is nutritional information available?

IHOP offers a wide variety of food that should allow most people to choose a meal that suits their dietary needs. We do not maintain nutritional data on our food."


T.G.I. Friday's
Web Site

Allergy Alert: No Allergen Information Available; Ask Your Server

From Friday's Web Site (January 2008):

"Where can I obtain nutritional information?

T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants understands our guests have many different nutritional desires. The selected nutritional information we provide is listed on our menu in restaurants or at We do not provide ingredient statements."



UmmNaseem said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I have a 22 month old son with multiple food allergies and the information you've posted is invaluable. We went out to eat at IHop this week and I doubt that I will take him there again. It was very difficult to find a food that I could order for him and the waitstaff was less than helpful about it.

B.ED said...

I agree.
There us hardly anything for kids allergic to egg and milk. :(

J. said... Ruby Tuesday just posted a full allergy menu as of Apr. 2011.

slant6 said...

California pizza kitchen has no pizza without soy or gluten . There are soy free options and gluten free options, but not in combination.