There are millions of restaurants, but if you have a food allergy you know eating out can be a challenge. We created this site to help you the next time you wonder, "Can I Eat There?"

You'll find links to food allergen guides for restaurants good enough to provide them and info on how to check out those that don't. Our city specific posts are decicated to those local joints we all love.

We hope this site expands your dining horizons... and keeps you healthy!


Washington, D.C. - Eating Out with a Food Allergy

Restaurants and resources are listed in alphabetical order. If you have info on a D.C. restaurant please email us at


Allergy Friendly

Author's Note: Check out the Dining Out in DC and Dissecting the Menu categories for restaurant listings. Thanks!


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mysterk said...

my nephew from out of town is coming to visit and he has many food allergies (peanut, dairy, egg,...)
thank for your post and any ore like it.