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Allergy-friendly French Dinner Series - Chicago

UPDATE!  Bistro 110 has reworked the schedule for their upcoming allergy-friendly dinner series.  Here are the details.

- Sans-Gluten Dinner, May 12: To include dough-less "quiche lorraine" and gluten-free tagliatelle with ragout of mussel, clam, shrimp and tarragon
- Sans-Dairy Dinner, September 29: To include cream-free "cream of lentil" soup and roasted chicken breast with corn flan
- Sans-Shellfish Dinner, November 17: To include shellfish-free seafood soup and an uncannily lobster-esque monkfish ragout

Saw this article in The Stew, a blog by Chicago Tribune food and dining writers:

Allergy-friendly French dinner series set at Bistro 110
Posted by Monica Eng at 1:00 p.m. CDT

When you're a foodie with food allergies, it's hard not to feel odd as you quiz the server on all the ingredients in a dish. But food allergies are serious business. And more restaurants address this, as we've reported.

Bistro 110 (110 E. Pearson St.; 312-266-3110) and its chef Dominique Tougne recognize this (Tougne is the father of two children with food allergies) and has crafted four special dinners scheduled over the next year to open up the world of French cuisine to those with food allergies.

The first -- a nut-free menu -- is scheduled for March 24 and will feature nut-free sole fillet almandine and faux peanut butter and mousse parfait. Later dinners will focus on foods for those who follow gluten-free (Sept. 29), dairy-free (June 16) and shellfish-free diets (Nov. 17).

Author's Note: Check out Can I Eat There's Chicago City Guide with info on this and other resturants.

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